The East Riding Youth Orchestra and Youth Singers went on tour to Sorrento last July. Here is a report on the tour written by Charles Fish, of the Youth Singers.

FERYO was once again able to subsidise the Youth Orchestra and Youth Singers’ tour, this year to Sorrento. Every participant enjoyed a subsidy on their total tour cost, a contribution towards an excursion and a souvenir tour hoody. FERYO also paid for the tour boards which introduced the ensembles to the local people in both English and Italian. According to all accounts, it was a very successful and most enjoyable tour.

“My trip to Sorrento was full of many life-changing experiences, not only with the concerts and performances that took place, but with the friends I made, and the things we did.

We performed in so many beautiful buildings, never failing to capture the Italians’ hearts, and strong performances from the choir each night left us on Cloud 9.

As someone who had never met anyone from the orchestra and only knew a few from singers I found it quite nerve-wracking to go away, but in no time at all I made new friends.

We had a tour of Pompeii, a boat trip to Capri and – one of my personal highlights – visited a mozzarella farm where we tasted the produce. There were lots of exciting extra things organised and I will never forget this tour. It was fantastic!

Here are some of the other students’ comments:

“It was an everlasting and memorable experience, with a chance to perform and be involved with a wide range of activities.”

“It was an amazing opportunity to play in some fantastic venues.”

“An amazing experience, going to exciting places and meeting new people.”