In July, the Senior Wind Band and Jazz Orchestra embarked on a tour to Belgium & Holland. The Friends subsidised the cost of everyone’s tour, ensured no-one missed out due to financial limits AND paid for everyone’s excursions! It is, by far, the Friends’ greatest annual expenditure. In return, the students were asked to send in their reviews. Many thanks to the following people who leave us in no doubt that, as always, the tour was a huge success:

My experience of going to Belgium and Holland was excellent! It was life changing and an amazing journey that both made me improve my performance skills and make some amazing new friends.

Henry Milner

I absolutely loved the tour and getting to know everyone! One of my favourite days out was the theme park and if I could go again I absolutely would in a second!

Abi Green

I really enjoyed the tour this year to Belgium and Holland as I have made new friends within the windband and jazz orchestra and have had an amazing time. Amsterdam was so beautiful and the theme park was a really fun day where we got to go on both water rides and roller coasters.

When we were taking photos on the ferry home, Mr Walker decided he’d like to join in.

Olivia Poole

My highlight of the week was getting to know some of the most amazing people from both jazz and senior wind band that I’ve never spoken to before. The tour really brings people together and gives you a great opportunity to make friends for life. The leaders were down for a laugh as well as they photo bombed our group pictures on the way back home!

Heidi Fentiman

Samantha Fentiman (Heidi’s Mum) added the following: “May I add my thanks to the Friends for their support of the tour and the staff for running it. Heidi had an amazing time!”

This tour was really good and we had a great time. There were lots of different activities, all of which brought something to our overall experience of the trip. We enjoyed having some free time and being treated in a responsible way. The best concert venue was in the forest, it was such a unique environment to play in. We have come back with new friends.

Alex & Ben Thompson

My personal highlights of the tour were playing in the square in Antwerp, as we had a great crowd and the tone of our music was exceptional. I loved the fact that our music was getting people on their feet and dancing along and creating a superb atmosphere.

The pieces we played in the Jazz ensemble and the Wind band were phenomenal and the range from Queen to Gordon Goodwin helped to attract the large crowds of spectators. In my opinion, those three performances were the best the East Riding music ensembles have ever pulled off. They have hopefully put the Music Service and its musicians further afield and better known.

I liked visiting Antwerp Zoo and the Theme Park immensely! I liked the Zoo as we saw a lot of very interesting animals and it was fun walking round and enjoying ourselves as part of the overall trip. The Theme Park was very cool: there were so many exhilarating rides to choose from and they were all very fast-paced and exciting. I loved walking around the city centres with my friends and visiting the numerous shops, cafes and beautiful parks. I also liked exploring the cities due to the interesting architecture and the cosmopolitan atmosphere.